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Our Cortijo in the Alpujarra Andalucia Spain

Rasa’s Candies

You just have to try some of Rasa’s simply delicious candies and biscuits……

they are lipsmackingly good and all home made here on our farm.

Her brandy soaked stuffed figs dipped in chocolate are absolutely to die for…..

Rasa's Candies- Home Made on our farm by Rasa

Rasa’s Xmas Candies…… Yummy….








Rasa’s Christmas Candy Mix




Cortijo el Paraiso Alpujarra

Rasa’s Yummy Drunken Fig Balls











All our produce is 100% totally natural with zero chemicals used at any time and harvested from our small farm nestled in the hills of the Alpujarra in Andalucia.

Our figs and quince goodies are picked and carefully packed by us after drying in the hot Spanish sun and make superb natural deserts with all the excellent benefits and goodness, (see nutritional values below)

Almonds in shells.Natural Organic Almonds from Finca el Paraiso

Very relaxing sitting in front of the TV and shelling our natural almonds.

Price: £2.90 per kilo. Min 10 Kilos. Shipping prices below.


Almond kernels

Natural Organic Almonds from Finca el Paraiso

We can supply almond kernels natural, blanched or roasted.

Nutricional values below

Price: £14.90 per kilo. Shipping prices below.



Black Figs

Natural Organic Black Figs from Finca el Paraiso

We supply our black figs FRESH but they need to be pre-ordered as we pick them at their best and ship them within 24 hours.

TIP: They can be frozen….. and when thawed out they taste nearly as good as they were when picked.


 Green Figs

Natural Organic Green Figs from Finca el Paraiso

We supply our Green figs FRESH but they need to be pre-ordered as we pick them at their best (Unlike many other fruits they do not continue to ripen after picking) and ship them within 24 hours. We would advise customers one week approx. before picking.

TIP: They can be frozen….. and when thawed out they taste nearly as good as they were when picked.

Price for fresh figs Black or Green. £0.75 Each.
Min 4 and in multiples of 4.

Rasa’s Quince Cheese

Absolutely yummy and pure Quince, nothing else…… not really a cheese….
Rich fruity taste and very morish…..
A super present for anyone.

Each pack is 1o0 grams or a pack of 8 at 750 grams



Packs of dried small figs.

These have all been handpicked and checked by Rasa before being vacuum packed.

Each pack is 500 grams.


Pan de higo

Which is a mix of figs and chopped almonds formed into a pack as below.

So very tasty with very many returning satisfied customers.

Each pack is 200 grams.



Dried small figs (higos)

Sun dried higos available all year, my personal favourite, but Rasa prefers Fresh Figs and would eat them all day…:-)

Nutricional values below

    • ENERGY – 2,418 KJ (578 KCAL)
    • SUGARS – 5 G
    • DIETARY FIBRE – 12 G
    • FAT – 51 G
    • SATURATED – 4 G
    • PROTEIN – 22 G
    • THIAMINE (VIT. B1) – 0.24 MG (18%)
    • RIBOFLAVIN (VIT. B2) – 0.8 MG (53%)
    • NIACIN (VIT. B3) – 4 MG (27%)
    • PANTOTHENIC ACID (B5) – 0.3 MG (6%)
    • VITAMIN B6 – 0.13 MG (10%)
    • FOLATE (VIT. B9) – 29 ΜG (7%)
    • VITAMIN C – 0.0 MG (0%)
    • VITAMIN E – 26.22 MG (175%)
    • CALCIUM – 248 MG (25%)
    • IRON – 4 MG (32%)
    • MAGNESIUM – 275 MG (74%)
    • PHOSPHORUS – 474 MG (68%)
    • POTASSIUM – 728 MG (15%)
    • ZINC – 3 MG (30%)


Nutricional value of 100 g of dried figs

Serving Size 100 g of dried Figs
% Daily Requirements
Total Calories 249 12%
Calories from fat 7.8  
Total fat 0.9 g 1%
Saturated fat 0.1 g 1%
Trans fat 0 g  
Cholesterol 0 g 0%
Total carbohydrate 70 g 21%
Dietary fiber 10 g 39%
Sugars 48 g  
Protein 3.3 g 7%
Calcium 162 mg 16%
Iron 2 mg 11%
Magnesium 68 mg 17%
Phosphorus 67 mg 7%
Potassium 680 mg 19%
Sodium 10 mg 0%
Zinc 0.5 mg 4%
Copper 0.3 mg 14%
Manganese 0.5 mg 26%
Selenium 0.6 mcg 1%
Thiamine 0.1 mg 4%
Riboflavin 0.1 mg 5%
Niacin 0.6 mg 3%
Vitamin B6 0.1 mg 5%
Folic acid 9 mcg 2%
Vitamin A 10 IU 0%
Vitamin C 1.2 mg 2%
Vitamin E 0.4 mg 2%
Vitamin K 15.6 mcg 19%


€26 Per shipment PLUS  €3.19 per Kg up to 40Kg  Correos Priority Parcels.

Send your wish list from our form below, together with your address and we will send you a fixed price quote inclusive delivery.


Email to rasa @  Thanks.

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